Facts behind viral scenes of the Indonesian TV series 'Bajaj Bajuri' predicting corona disease

Facts behind viral scenes of the Indonesian TV series 'Bajaj Bajuri' predicting corona disease

The corona virus pandemic period that never ends now continues to be a worldwide concern.

In Indonesia alone, the Covid-19 case has broken into the tens of thousands.

Appeals to stay afloat at home are still being implemented by people in various regions.

Covid-19 corona virus was first identified in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019.

It did not take long, the spread of the virus was immediately widespread in almost all countries in the world.

Various theories about the origin of the virus have also emerged on social media.

Not only that, on social media there are also many video scenes in a film or television series that are considered to predict the emergence of the virus.

One of them is a snippet of the Bajaj Bajuri scene that was viral recently on social media.

Facts behind viral scenes of the Indonesian TV series 'Bajaj Bajuri' predicting corona disease

The piece of scene uploaded by the Twitter account named @pleasedpeople is considered a prophecy about Covid-19.

In the video uploaded on 8 May, the characters Oneng, Said and Mpok Hindun were chatting.

Said later said that there was an infectious disease from China that could cause death.

Oneng who heard this and then immediately ran to the house.

"It's a contagious disease from China Mpok (Mrs. Hindun). Cold and cold symptoms are coughing, danger, the disease can be contagious, which can already die," Said the man in the video.

Until now the video has been played as many as 763 thousand and received 19.3 retweets, and 25.7 likes.

The post also received various comments from citizens. One of them is from the @FioSorale account that uploads the same video with a longer duration.

The video also reveals the facts about the real contents of the scene.

Apparently, the virus mentioned by Said is a symptom of SARS.

When the episode aired, SARS was indeed a disease that was troubling the world.

"If you post, it must be complete," wrote the @FioSorale account.

Quoted liputan6.com from the WHO site, SARS was first detected in Guangdong, China in 2002.

The cause is also caused by the Corona virus, but from a different strain than the one that is now epidemic, namely SARS-CoV.

Like COVID-19, symptoms of this disease are indeed similar to influenza, including fever, chills, and headaches.

Bajaj Bajuri is not the first work of fiction that is considered to predict the presence of the corona outbreak of Covid-19.

Previously, the Contagion movie, The Simpsons animation to the Korean drama series Terius Behind Me were also considered to predict the emergence of the Corona COVID-19 virus.

Source: Twitter


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