Information about Resident Evil 8: what should you know?

Information about Resident Evil 8: what should you know?

In recent years, the Resident Evil franchise is experiencing a fairly rapid revival.

Starting with the release of the game Resident Evil 7, and the most popular is the release of the game Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.

With the great success they achieved from the classic game remake project, many asked about the continuation of the Resident Evil 8 game.

Even though the eighth game has not been confirmed by Capcom, there are already many rumors that are developing among the fans.

Will Resident Evil 8 re-use the concept of first-person shooter or adapt third-person shooter?

Here are the various things we know so far about Resident Evil 8.

When will it be released?
Information about Resident Evil 8: what should you know?

Given that Resident Evil 8 has still not been officially announced by Capcom, it is difficult to guess or guess when the game will be released.

But, based on rumors circulating Capcom is likely to release the game in 2021.

The news about the emergence of RE8 actually has appeared since early 2020 yesterday, but the most recent rumors mention that the game will be released in the first quarter of 2021 and has the title of production "village".

If indeed RE8 will be released in 2021, it means that there is a four-year gap from RE7 which was released in 2017 yesterday.

Capcom is indeed busy working on their various remake projects, but in addition to working on remake projects, they also work on various things for the RE8 game.

And if indeed RE8 will be released in 2021, it is likely that this game will be released for the next gen console.

How is the story?
Information about Resident Evil 8: what should you know?

Resident Evil 7 really becomes a new surprise for the series, in terms of gameplay and story.

RE7 does not present any iconic character from the Resident Evil series, both heroes and villains.

According to the leak revealed by Biohazard Declassified, Chris Redfield will have a central role in RE8.

But, maybe not as a hero but as a villain.

The game will also feature a flashback between Chris and Ethan Winter, the main character in the game Resident Evil 7 and will likely also return to being the main character in RE8.

Other info says that Resident Evil 8 will set in a remote village in Europe, similar to Resident Evil 4.

How is the gameplay?
Information about Resident Evil 8: what should you know?

Although there are many rumors about plot and character, unfortunately there aren't many rumors that talk about gameplay.

But, there are still clues about various features that might appear in the game.

Rumors mentioned by AestheticGamer illustrate that Capcom will again try new crazy ideas for the game.

Other news also mentions if in fact Resident Evil 8 will initially be developed into Resident Evil Revelation 3, before then the main story is changed.

Reportedly the RE8 game will re-adapt the first-person shooter and focus on the horrific elements, hallucinations, and distrust of other characters.

But, it should be noted yes geeks that all this is still limited to rumors that could have changed when the game was released.


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