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6 Photos Before and After Yard Renovations

Renovating a courtyard is one way to make your house more comfortable and you feel at home for a long time.  Doing renovations, of course, can also make the house have a new atmosphere, such as a row of portraits before and after the renovation of the home page, which is quoted from (17/9/2020). 1. From the empty yard made a mini pool, so I feel at home. 2. This tree can be used as a tree house. 3. Having vacant land can be made a relaxing seat like this. 4. Be more comfortable for a long time in the yard. 5. From neglected yard to clean and comfortable yard. 6. The empty yard is a place for barbecue, perfect for those who are married.

The 10 weirdest house designs around the world

The more modern times like now, you can find house shapes with various designs. Starting from a minimalist house to a unique one, everything can be realized easily. As long as plans and budgets are well prepared, and carried out expertly. Your dream house can easily be made. All house construction plans must be made in detail, including the design. Design is an important factor that needs attention. Even a little off the mark can make your house fail. As a portrait of the following terraced house design. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10

7 This popular K-Pop group has never won a first

First win is a term for a k-pop idol who first ranks first in a music program such as Music Bank, M Countdown, The Show, Show Champion, Inkigayo, and Music Core. This is considered important because it is considered to be able to show that the idol is successful in everything, both physical and digital albums, the number of views of music videos, and others. Therefore, many K-Pop idols are hunting for this and would be very happy if they got it. However, do you know that there are still many idol groups who have never won a first win even though they are very popular. Who are they? We discuss some of them, yes. 1. Dreamcatcher. This group has been nominated for the first rank since several years ago, but has always failed. Dreamcatcher debuted in 2017 with seven members namely Jiu, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon, and Handong who are currently on hiatus. They are famous for their musical concept that is different from other K-Pop idols, namely dark. Currently they are still promot

Overthinking: Causes and Ways to Overcome It

Overthinking is a mental illness or mental disorder experienced by most Indonesians today, especially adults. Psychological disorders that attack psychologically or mentally are usually characterized by excessive anxiety, causing him to think which causes fear that exceeds normal limits. This psychological problem will become a ticking time bomb for people with overthinking disorder. Because "sufferers" lack clarity in thinking and are not calm in overcoming their anxiety. Cause of overthinking. There are several reasons why a person can experience overthinking, including concern about social relationships. The existence of social problems usually causes this individual to become an overthinking person. His fear of social existence demanded that he be anxious and prone to worry about his weaknesses. Another reason a person can be said to have overthinking disorder is anxiety about the future reality that will be faced, or it is called a "Quarter Life Crisis". There