One Piece: This Devil Fruit is Very Effective to Help Defeat Scratchmen Apoo!

One Piece: This Devil Fruit is Very Effective to Help Defeat Scratchmen Apoo!

Unexpectedly the Scratchmen Apoo would be a serious threat to Luffy and his allies.

Apoo is indeed one of the Worst Generation and Supernova pirates, along with Luffy, Kidd, Hawkins, X Drake, and Law.

In the Sabaody arc we have indeed been shown how powerful the power of the Apoo demon fruit is to Kizaru.

But, of course, the big surprise is how Apoo's strength has increased.

The increase was proven to hurt Luffy and Zoro.

Keep in mind, Zoro and Luffy are different now before the timeskip and to injure or make them both injured certainly requires extraordinary strength.

We finally know the secret power of the Apoo Devil Fruit.

As explained by Killer in chapter 981 yesterday, it was revealed that the Apoo Scratchmen attack can only hurt the target when they hear the music released by Apoo.

That is, as long as the target or enemy dealing with Apoo does not hear the sound of musical instruments from his body then they are safe.

This then makes a big question arise.

How and who will defeat Apoo with that power, because both Luffy, Killer, Kidd, and Zoro find it difficult to do that.

One Piece: This Devil Fruit is Very Effective to Help Defeat Scratchmen Apoo!

But Corazon's Nagi Nagi no Mi could be the answer.

Nagi Nagi no Mi is a Paramecia type, where the user can issue a kind of barrier, which can reject any sound that enters.

When the user accesses the power of this devil fruit, the sound inside the barrier will not be heard by people outside and vice versa.

This devil fruit can also erase or eliminate the sound of someone, so it is natural that this devil fruit often helps Corazon (or others) to attack silently.

But, the problem now is not known where the Nagi Nagi no Mi devil fruit is.

Had emerged a theory among fans who said that after Corazon died, the devil's fruit was in the hands of the navy.

But, it looks like Corazon would be more happy if the devil fruit was in Law's hand, and gave it to Corazon at the last moment.

If indeed then Law had the demon fruit Nagi Nagi no Mi, then who would eat the demon fruit and help the alliance defeat Apoo?

Most likely one of Law's crew had eaten the devil's fruit, and that crew could have been Bepo.

Bepo is often presented as a humorous and innocent crew, with an apologetic attitude.

It could be that the act of apology was due to what he often said, but could not be heard by others (apart from the various jokes that appeared in the dialogue).

After all, Bepo is a Mink and along with other Mink Bepo will be an extraordinary addition to strength when he changes to Sulong's form.

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